Growing Together Songs

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Should you choose to purchase the full album, then you will receive/download all the songs from the album, plus karaoke-style backing tracks.
A quick explanation about the basic concept of each album.

The first half of the album contains the actual songs and how they correspond to the free downloadable PDF resources, which are: “Aims of the Songs”, “Recommended Reading” and the “Lyrics”.

The second half of the album contains karaoke-style backing tracks. Hopefully, these tracks will be useful for creating your own songs with alternative melodies or lyrics, these tracks could also be used for dance, exercise and movement classes.

Each full album download also includes instrumental versions of the songs.

A collection of freshly hatched songs all about growing. The album includes the life cycles of butterflies, frogs, bulbs, and seeds and demonstrates growth, the seasons, the diversity of plant life and colours. Through the songs children can learn about worms and how they process the soil to make it possible for plants to grow, they will meet “Mister Snail” and hear how carries his house on his back and learn about spirals and silvery tracks. “Teddy’s Picnic” is designed to promote engaging in a social situation in a positive way.

Apple Tree (Apple tree life cycle and healthy eating)
This delightful song describes the life cycle of an apple tree. The song encourages nurturing and caring for seeds and shoots at the early stages of growth for the apple tree plant. The song may also be useful for promoting eating apples as part of a healthy diet.

Sunshine & Rain (Illustrates how both sunny and wet weather are important for plant growth)
This lovely song celebrates how sunshine and rainfall help to nurture the growth of plants in our gardens. The harmonies help to illustrate how a combination of both sunshine and rainfall are important for the well-being of plants.

Frogs Eggs 
This song anticipates the development of tadpoles from frog spawn. The song describes the Frog Spawn’s jelly coat. (The jelly coat is for nutrition, protection, and warmth)

The main aim of this song is to encourage children to move in wiggly, jiggly, squiggly, shaking movements and to have fun while doing so. The song describes tadpoles moving around the pond while blowing bubbles and playing hide and seek.

Tiny Little Frogs 
This song is aimed at encouraging children to learn how to swim as a form of exercise. It is also important to mention that the aim of this song is to encourage children to take swimming lessons so they can learn to swim in a safe environment.

Pop Went The Egg (Butterfly Eggs)
This is a fun song about the first stage of the life cycle of a butterfly. The song illustrates that butterfly eggs can be found on plant leaves. The lyric also describes a caterpillar crawling out of the egg.

The Caterpillar Crawl
This song may be helpful for physical activities by encouraging crawling actions, around, under, over, and through obstacles. While playing the song, children can act out the type of behaviour that a caterpillar might do, such as crawling under and over leaves, wiggle in and out of tunnels and eating vegetation.

This beautiful song may be helpful to encourage children to be still. Chrysalis could be used as a lullaby to help children feel restful and calm so that they can settle down for a sleep either at bedtime or for a daytime nap. The song poetically describes the chrysalis stage of the butterfly life cycle.

This delicate song describes a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis for the final stage of the butterfly life cycle. The beauty of the butterfly is celebrated and the song promotes a positive message about flying on to new beginnings.

Rainbow Flowers
This song describes the life cycle of plants which grow from a bulb.
The environmental factors of gardens and the activity of planting of the bulb are considered in the song. The song acknowledges the beauty and colour that flowers bring to our gardens.

Mister Snail
This song poetically describes the life of a garden snail. The song indicates that a snail is a nocturnal creature which leaves a silvery trail and has a spiral shell that grows on its back.

Wiggly Worms
This fun song provides the children with a description of where worms live, what they eat, how they move and what they look like. The song can encourage children to learn how important worms are for changing and conditioning the soil.

This cheerful song presents the scarecrow as a positive addition to a garden. The song describes how the scarecrow is always present in the garden as the plants grow and change. The song provides suggestions for activities that can be carried out in a garden environment.

Teddy’s Picnic (Promotes engaging in social situations in a positive way)
A song designed to encourage imaginative outdoor play. The song may be used with groups of children to promote engaging in a social situation in a positive way. Depending on the food chosen for the picnic, this may be useful to encourage healthy eating.

The Perfect Place To Be 
This lovely community song describes a range of plants, trees, animals and habitats that can be found in a garden. The environmental conditions that help to encourage growth in a garden are described. The song promotes the message that being in the garden is a happy and healthy setting to spend time in.