Super Sequence Songs

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Super Sequence Songs

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A collection of songs to help young children learn about the order, pattern and sequence of everyday themes, such as; the days of the week, the colours of the rainbow, the movement of the tides, the water cycle, and so on.

The Calendar Song  
The calendar song runs sequentially through the months of the year and as each month is sung the song refers to a yearly event. For example April and Easter Bunnies, November is Guy Fawkes night, December is Christmas, etc.

The Snowflake Song  
Although this song does not really fit the criteria, we liked the song so much that we had to include it! The Snowflake Song is all about being unique and sparkling as an individual. We are quietly hoping that you just might use the song in your Christmas play, where the children can express themselves in song and dance. Hopefully, the children will dance and twirl and express themselves as unique little snowflakes.

The Colours of the Rainbow 
This song is a happy poppy little number in the style of S-Club Seven and is designed to encourage the children to learn the colours of the rainbow in the correct order. “Red, orange, yellow, green and blue, indigo and violet too”.

In An Orderly Fashion   
A song designed to provide a happy, upbeat feeling to getting dressed and putting on the appropriate clothes for the day in an orderly fashion. As opposed to the Topsy Turvy approach of putting your gloves on your feet.

Time (Tick Tock)  
Time is exactly what it states on the can! The song is about the seconds, minutes and hours in a day and how the clock slowly ticks time away. The song is in 4/4 time but ends in a joyous carnival, carousel waltz.

The Seasons
This song addresses the seasons of the year and the lyric adds the relevant imagery to accompany and reinforce the concept behind each season. For example; Spring days, with warm and gentle showers. Summer days are full of pretty flowers. Autumn days bring leaves of gold. And Winter days are short and cold.

Days of the Week 
Starting with Sunday we run through the days of the week in this song. The song builds slowly from a simple guitar and tambourine to a rather lavish arrangement, introducing children to new instrumentation, while reaffirming the days of the week in chronological order.

High Tide Low Tide
With a lilting Irish melody, children can musically feel and experience the ebb and flow of the tides in this beautifully nostalgic 6/8 song. The song references the concept of near and far, high and low.

In Sunrise we see the moon fade away and turn into a bright and sunny bright day. Then we celebrate the warmth of the sun as it shimmers and sails slowly across the sky until it’s time for the sun to go to bed.

In Sunset we watch the sunset and we wave goodbye to the sun as the evening changes to a twilight sky. Then we enjoy the magic of the moon and stars that twinkle and sparkle at night until it is time for the sun to rise once again.

The Months of the Year 
This is our second song about the months of the year, but this time we have simplified the song to list the months in a chronological order, and it’s all wrapped up in a catchy and memorable song, that is very easy to learn.

The Water Cycle
This song follows the journey of a raindrop as it falls from the sky into the rivers and streams on its journey around the world until it changes to mist and drifts back up to the clouds to starts it’s journey all over again.

Meal Times
Meal Times chronologically serves up four main meals of the day, from breakfast to lunch to teatime and finally to supper. The chorus explains how important it is to eat healthy food at the correct times.