About Melody Treehouse

In 2011 Melody Treehouse received a bronze award from Practical Pre-School Awards for the album Happy Healthy Songs. Since then we have produced a further three albums. Wildlife Garden Songs. Growing Together Songs and our latest addition to the family Super Sequence Songs. Melody Treehouse is a collective of children’s educators, songwriters, musicians and singers from the United Kingdom, Norway and Bulgaria. Our heartfelt aim is to write and produce quality educational songs for children. Therefore we got together to create a collection of children’s songs that will hopefully make your life easier as a teacher, parent or carer of children by covering a number of activities, subject and topics that young children from 3 to 7 years need to learn.

We have truly enjoyed singing, writing and producing these songs and we hope you like them as much as we do?

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A Brief Outline of the Albums

Happy Healthy Songs

This collection of songs helps to encourage children to make healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise, rest, personal care, healthy eating and social interaction.

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Wildlife Garden Songs

These songs celebrate gardening for the benefit of wildlife, including some songs about insects and animals which can help to promote exercise, counting, and friendship.

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Growing Together Songs

These songs help children to understand about some of the life cycles that occur in the natural world and support outdoor learning.

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Super Sequence Songs

We are busy writing and recording a collection of new songs about, the days of the week, the colours of a rainbow, the months in a year, daytime and nighttime, the tides and much more.

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Our Educators, Singers & Musicians

Judith Duck, Giles Edmunds, Hannah Edmunds, Neal Fullerton, Sarah Fullerton, Maria Hiteva, Simon Kirk, Elizabeth Rae, Tony Tester and André Aamås.